Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is a Real Doll?

I thought it might be helpful to explain what exactly a Real Doll is for those of you who have never heard of them. Real Dolls are life-size silicone sex dolls that appear very realistic. They have a PVC skeleton and have joints. This means that they can be positioned, but they cannot support their own weight.

There are 2 body types for the current (2nd) generation of female Real Doll. (A) is 5'3" tall, weighs 80lbs, measures 33-24-35, and has C-cup breasts. (B) is 5'1" tall, 70lbs, measures 32-23-32, and has C-cup breasts. Overall, the body types are pretty similar. There are 10 faces to choose from, with two specifically ethnic faces (Amara, Black, and Elena, Latina).

There are 5 different skin colors to choose from: Light, Asian, Medium, Tanned, and Light African.
Other options to choose from include eye color, eye shadow, eye liner style and color, lipstick, toes and finger nail color, and hair style and color.

There are also several add-ons that can be chosen to heighten the realism of the doll. They can have real hair eyebrows (instead of painted on), custom freckles, pubic hair (from "trimmed" to full"), more detailed "masterpiece" eyes, and custom wigs.

One can also pay for a size larger breasts (D) on their doll ($850).

The genitalia can also be "shemale" style, which means either being able to interchange a penis with a vagina at will, having a permanently attached penis and vagina (without the balls), or having a permanently attached penis with no vagina.

The girls ship in "stylish seasonal lingerie" and high heels.

For the Male Real Doll 2, there are two body types. (A) is more muscular while (B) has a slender build. Both are 5'9". There are 3 faces to choose from.
The same skin and eye colors as well as pubic hair options apply to the men.

The men can be clean shaven or have stubble.

Their penises can be limp/flaccid (3 1/2 in), small (5 1/2 in and skinny), medium (5 1/4 in and thicker), large (7 1/2 in), and x-large (9 in). These can be interchanged.

The men come bald/shaven, but a wig can be bought separately.

They arrive in boxer shorts and a tank top.

Both dolls cost $5,999 each.

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