Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Real Dolls and Real Women

So, Real Dolls are basically the ideal woman, right? I mean, that's what they're made to be. At least the ideal woman you want to have sex with. Looking at a Real Doll, what does it tell you about the ideals that men have for women?

First of all, look at that body: an extreme hourglass figure. An hourglass is supposed to mean that the waist  is at least 8 inches smaller than the hips and bust. For body A, the waist is 9in smaller than the bust and 11in smaller than the hips! For body B, the waist is 9in smaller than the waist and hips! And STILL you can see men in The Doll Forum complaining about how these new bodies aren't curvy enough. To quote one iDollator, 
"If they would have been DD cup instead of C cup I would have bought body B already." 
As Real Doll has moved towards a more realistic look to their dolls, many have been complaining about the "small" breast and butt sizes. Mind you, this is a C cup on an 70lb doll. That's on the large side of realistic. Even the so-called ideal hourglass figure is not curvy enough for some. They preferred something more like this body from the Real Doll 1:
Under the testimonials section in the website, the owner of this doll says that: 
“…facially she looks more "real" than real people (How did that happen?). From every angle she looks convincingly life-like. I am 100% satisfied with the order and am amazed you were able to create something so realistic”
I can see the life-likeness in some of the Real Dolls, but this one? How are those boobs on that frame anywhere near reality? Is this what some men believe reality should be?

But the sexism starts before the doll is made: it's in the ordering process as well. All women must has long, painted nails. They must have eyeliner. In the wig selections, only 1 choice is above shoulder-length. 10/15 wig choices are long hair. When the doll is shipped, it comes in lingerie and high heels. It also comes with perfume. 

Apparently, women are supposed to be ultra-feminine to be sexy. Men like femininity because it is less challenging to their own masculinity. These dolls are the perfect women not only for their looks, but also because they are silent, immobile, compliant, and always down for sex/whatever else the man has in mind. They do not have a mind to think for themselves. They cannot talk back or have opinions. They cannot deny sex or deny the man. They are the man's passive plaything and companion. The dolls never age or get fat, the nightmares of husbands. Everything about them is for the man. He can choose how they dress, how they wear their makeup, and how their hair is done. He can choose what they do, where they go. 

Basically, Real Doll owners can be said to want the old patriarchy back. They want to go back to a time when women had no voice, when they were the property and object of their husbands. When they had to have sex whenever the man wanted. Also when they could not leave the man, when divorce was illegal or highly stigmatized. They want complete control, the type of control only dolls can now give. 


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