Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lars and the Real Girl

Two posts ago, I talked about how men may like Real Dolls because they want to return to an era where women had fewer rights, where their masculinity was less challenged. While this may be the case for some, I'm sure that's not the reason for all doll owners. 

For example (and it is a rather out-there example), look at the story of Lars and the Real GirlHere's a synopsis from IMDB. In the movie, Lar's whole town goes in on the delusion that his Real Doll Bianca is a real person. She ends up getting a life of her own - she volunteers, hangs out with the girls, and even gets a job. How does Bianca's life compare to the online/photographic lives of the Real Dolls I mentioned in my last post? How does this movie challenge the dominant assumptions about sex doll owners? 


  1. I just watched the film. It began very interesting, then became disappointing standard conformity junk.
    The story: Bianca arrives and is assigned a place in the community, apparently being loved. But it's all a lie. She apparently never accomplishes her main purpose of existence, and in the end is abandoned by Lars when a better girl comes along, and is buried alive, helpless to protest against the lie that she had died. It turns out that NOBODY ever really cared about her at all!

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