Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iDollator Culture

Many doll owners use their dolls for more than just sex. Their dolls become their companions. They love them, talk to them, and name them. They do regular things with them like watch TV, read, sit them at the dinner table, and sleep in the same bed.

But after a while it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with an unresponsive object. This is why many iDollators create an online and photographic presence for their dolls. Many doll owners get into photography and use their dolls as subjects. They pose them sexually, but also doing things that would make them seem real and normal. One of the subjects in the Guys and Dolls documentary on BBC posed with his dolls in activities such as reading the same book. He explained: “The photos give the dolls a life. They’re almost like family photos. It makes them seem more real to me.” 

Many iDollators create personal websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts for their dolls. They update them in the voice that they imagine their doll to have. By doing this, they give their dolls a life online. They give them a personality, relationships of their own, experiences, and interests. To the right on this page, I have linked to a few doll Twitter groups and also a doll's website. 

For these people, it seems less of an issue of controlling their women, and more of an issue of finding their ideal woman. They create not only the looks of their perfect lover, but also the backstory, personality, and interests. Perhaps they have given up looking, or perhaps their own insecurities hold them back. Or maybe, in the case of Davecat, his sexual fetish is for mannequins and dolls. 

In her photo series, Still Lovers, Elena Dorfman took pictures of the relationships iDollators have with their Real Dolls. Clearly, the attraction is more than sexual or physical.

These images are the property of Elena Dorfman. 


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